Graphic Design

Apart from drawing I also design logo's, icons, posters and apps for mobile devices.

Forgotten Myths Logo

Forgotten Myths is an online Trading Card Game from Anchora Games.

Anchora Games logo vectorisation

PLG Consulting



CynjaSpace Ad

San Diego Comic Con 2015 Souvenir page

The Cynja bookmark

The Cynja Poster

The Cynsei Poster

The Botmaster Poster

The Cynja T-shirt

The Cynja T-shirt

The Cynja T-shirt

The Cynja Promo card

The Cynja Promo card

The Cynja Promo

Belgian Gamers

PLG Consulting

Fun Loving Games Forum Banner

Audry's Food

Audry's Food labels

Anatomica Tattoo

Belgian Ghost Clan logo

The HigherSide Chats


Fun Fair Poster 2009

Battle of the clans

Essential Times Dance Poster

Birth Card

Forgotten Myths booster packs

Icons for Cards

Crests for "Forgotten Myths"

Icons for the TCG "Forgotten Myths"


Tattoo Cas & Dag

This tattoo was created for a woman with 2 children.
One of them is name Cas and the other Dag.
She wanted one tattoo with both their names on it and there needed to be a Yin-Yang somewhere to symbolize her and her husband.

When you tilt your head to the left you can read CAS and when you tilt it to the right you can read DAG. Neat, huh.


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